TSDC's Toolkit for Transformation

TSDC's Toolkit for Transformation is designed to give school practitioners a closer look at topics, concepts, and strategies that will support a change process around student discipline.  


TSDC members and supporters have prepared TSDC Administrator Guides. Covering a variety of topics, these guides were specifically designed as primers for the busy school administrator or teacher who wants to begin developing a framework of understanding. These primers provide readers with foundational knowledge on certain topics, give ideas for school-based practices, highlight additional resources, etc.

Current TSDC Adminstrator Guides include:


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Developing Prevention-Oriented Discipline Codes of Conduct - Pamela A. Fenning, Ph.D. and Miranda B. Johnson, J.D., M.P.A. - Children's Legal Rights Journal - 2015

Ecologies of School Discipline for Queer Youth: What Listening to Queer Youth Teaches Us About Transforming School Discipline - L Boyd Bellinger, Nicole Darcangelo, Stacey S. Horn, Erica R. Meiners, and Sarah Schriber - Inequality in School Discipline - 2016

Transforming School Discipline Collaborative Quarterly Newsletter - TSDC - Feb., 2017

Transforming School Discipline Collaborative Quarterly Newsletter - TSDC - May, 2017

Why are we criminalizing behavior of children with disabilities? - Miranda B. Johnson, J.D., M.P.A. - The Washington Post - April, 2017

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